How to Spot an Awesome Boss

Having a good boss is one of the greatest things that can happen in your career journey because this boss can also serve as a mentor who will lead the way towards one’s progress and growth. But, sometimes, not all bosses are committed to helping unleash the potential of their staff that will translate to hitting the targets of the company. So, how do you spot an awesome boss as you sit through a 30-minute interview across from a potential boss?

These are the three ways to know if your future boss will be the most awesome boss in the world:

  1. An awesome boss values a good relationship with employees.

    Beyond the achievements and sales of a company, an awesome boss also values his relationship with subordinates. You can spot this during the interview if your future boss asks about your extra-curricular activities: your yoga group, your diving club, weekend trips with the family, and even your volunteer organization. This reveals that your future boss cares about your holistic development which translates to better performance and happiness at work.

    A good boss makes sure that his people are not just growing in sales and quantity, but also in quality as human beings. He gives constructive feedback and listens to the needs of his team. He is also humble enough to know and accept what he needs to improve on as a boss.

  2. An awesome boss leads the way.

    A good boss is very clear with what he wants for his team and for his company. He has the intelligence, innovation, and capability to execute plans. He’s at the forefront of any endeavor and lets his team follow him. His vision is not just for his own good but also for the good of all.

    Clarity of intention is very important to him. He clearly communicates targets and timelines to his team and gives affirmation and due credit for team members’ contribution to the company. He is a role model not just in words but also in deeds.

  3. An awesome boss brings out the best in his people.

    A good boss allows his people to make mistakes but he is very eager to see them grow and play by their strengths. He provides appropriate and timely training and invests in continuing education to help in the team’s career development, whilst boosting the productivity and efficiency of the company. He provides space for building rapport and connection with his team. He allows his team members to start initiatives and asks for their opinion on strategies to help harness their innate creativity and leadership excellence.

    A boss can either make or break a person, but it can be prevented if you know how to spot the right one. The series of job interviews may be too short to have a thorough assessment of a future boss, but at the executive level, you already know people in the industry who may be able to help give you good feedback about a potential boss. A really good indicator of an awesome boss is one who is fondly remembered by a former staff he mentored and has imbibed the values he taught. Remember, reputation precedes a good boss.

    You don’t need a crystal ball to predict if you will have an awesome boss or a boss from hell. Just remember these three things when you are scouting for career opportunities.
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